The First Time is ALWAYS the Hardest

Hi! Hello! Is anybody there? I am Sylvia, by the way, but I prefer my nickname Ivy. I am a 22-year-old young lady from the Philippines. I live in a simple house in a half province-half city side of the country with my parents, my grandmother on my father’s side and my two younger sisters. We have three pets that consist of a dog, a turtle and a fish.

Okay! So finally…I HAVE A BLOG!!! (secretly freaking out) Or as I preferably wanted to call it, it is my LIFE BLOG. I have been contemplating for a few weeks if I would continue creating one. First, I am not a writer. I don’t know where to start to have a blog, but I was really hooked with Personal Style Blogs this past year and the style bloggers that I’m following make it feel like it is an easy thing to do. Second, I am a quiet person and same goes with my thoughts most of the time (they are quiet too. LOL!) so I don’t really believe that I will be able to do this. Fast forward to today, after researching a week about the difference of a blog, diary and journal and the best free blogging platform there is, I have decided to go with WordPress and just fill up the form and dived in immediately to customize my new-born blog (apologies to the number of times the word BLOG appears, you can definitely tell I’m a newbie. LOL!)

Picture this, I am writing my very first blog entry at 10:45 New Year’s Eve with matching fireworks’ sounds outside of our house. What a way to start my blog. New Year. New blog. New things to learn and I don’t know what to say. If you ask me what is the real reason why I just took the plunge and signed up, the main reason for that is that I want to have a place where I can write down my thoughts, my life story and my perspective on a lot of things and also I want to be friends with you! Yes YOU! The one who’s reading this post now (thank you for your time!). Sometimes, I just find myself having these very random thoughts and they just want to find a way out of my head (okay, that was a bit creepy, but nevertheless, that’s what I’m feeling. LOL!)

I am looking forward to a better year for me and this blog. I hope to be a better blogger (if that’s what I can call myself) and to be better in expressing myself more in my coming posts.



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