Looking Forward

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It is the first day of the year and there are many things I am hoping to accomplish this 2014. I promise to welcome the new year with so much positivity in my heart. I want to bring in the year a much better version of myself.  A version where I will live with no regrets in my heart, no what ifs, no should haves. I will live my life to the fullest and I am starting TODAY! For me, a new year is an opportunity to do better, a second chance at things. It’s like a brand new morning, where I can forget and learn my mistakes from the previous day and NOT do it again.

In line with my living-life-to-the-fullest-statement, these are only some of the things that I want to achieve this year:

1. READ MORE. I love books especially Young Adult novels. You cannot have enough books to read (trust me on this. LOL!) Even though I am a sucker for dystopian and tear-jerker novels, I am also open for other literature genres. So, if you have a good book suggestion, just let me know!

2. BLOG MORE. I knew I am still new in this blogging thing but I want to blog as frequently as possible. As long as there is an idea on my head and it screams “BLOG-able”, I will do it. Also, this way I will be able to learn more from other bloggers and their experiences in life.

3. LOVE MORE. Love your family, your friends, your enemies. Love the world. Love the things around you. Love life. Love yourself.

4. SMILE MORE. Greet the day with a HUGE smile on your face. Smile if you are happy. Smile even if you don’t feel to. Smile even if you are hurting. Fake it till you make it.

5. LEARN MORE. In learning, there is no losing. In learning, there is ONLY gaining. Besides, a new thing learned is never a bad thing.

As you have noticed, these goals are telling me to give it my all. Not just do a thing 100% percent but to do it with MORE passion and MORE energy. I will not accept a half-assed work from myself this year. I will expect the BEST!  With that being said, I am claiming that I am going to do an excellent job in fulfilling these goals. Here’s to a fun and safe New Year to everyone. Cheers!



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