For that kind of girl

Hey Girl! Yes, you! Someone who is exactly feeling the way I feel right now, this post is for you.

Have you ever wish for a do-over day? One day to remake your past, a day to correct your wrong decisions. Do you wanted it badly to happen because everyday that passes by you think you are making lots and lots of mistakes in your life? Trust me, I can relate. I want a chance to prove to myself and to the people surrounding me that I can do more. I can be more. I know it in myself and I know it’s in yours too. Deep down the very heart of me, I know that there is still the girl who thirsts for her success. The girl who doesn’t stop dreaming. The girl who works hard for her goals. I keep imagining the things that I want to achieve. The things that I want. But how about now? How about at this very moment? I am not doing anything to be closer to the dreams and to the things that I want to achieve for myself and my family.

I always say that today is the day when I will start to rebuild my life but I can’t seem to move my other foot in front of the other so that I can move forward. I have so many fears. Fear of the future and fear of the world are some of those. The kind of fears that I allow myself to be paralyzed by. It’s like I’m running out of time and the world continues to be in its fast-paced self. It’s like I’m standing in the middle of a very crowded and busy street, standing still all by myself, screaming at the top of my lungs and no one else seems to stop and listen. I am drowning in a crowd of people and I cannot go with the flow. I know that this too will pass but the hard reality for me is to deal with the present. Do you feel it too? I want to be in the time where I can look back at this phase of my life and say to myself “See, you survived all of the things that you were afraid of”. If only we can make the time to tick faster, but then we will miss the present which is the most important time. I want to be that adventurous, confident, smart, healthy, brave and beautiful girl who is not afraid of taking risks that I know you and I can be, and the best time to be that kind of  girl is NOW.

And while we are still trying to find our voice and place in this world, here is a song for you to make it all a little bit better. 🙂



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