Love Tips from the Parents

Yesterday, as I was browsing through the cool blogs that I follow and looking for a blog post that I can comment on (due to our eleventh day assignment in Blogging 101: Zero to Hero), I  stumbled upon Every Girls Fairytale blog post “How can I love someone I argue with all the time?“. After reading the whole post, I can’t help myself but to leave a comment (eleventh day assignment: DONE!) and then suddenly it occurs to me…in the most surprising light bulb moment at that time…TING!!! That blog post is going to be my inspiration for the twelfth day assignment which you can read about here.

That blog post reminded me of some of my parents’ tips for a happy and lasting relationship. By the way, my parents have been married for 23 years now (I felt like I should put it there somewhere so that you will know that these tips might really be working). Sometimes, during family conversations, they will share tips for a better relationship with your other half (not that we need it now! me and my sisters are still young! LOL!).

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1. Open communication is VERY important. My mother always says that it is really vital for any relationship to have an open communication. It is crucial for ANY relationship (not just romantic) to have an easy communication between the parties. My mother and father can talk about even the most trivial things. And if they feel like a certain thing is going to be a cause of an argument, they immediately talk it out and resolve it without raising their voices at each other. I’m not saying that my parents don’t fight (normal couples fight once in a while), I’m just sharing that there are arguments that you can totally avoid through talking calmly to each other.

2. Never bring back the past. Ever heard of the phrase “Forgive and Forget”? Yeah, I know it sounds cliché but it’s one of the most truest advice that I ever heard. It doesn’t help either party in a relationship if they keep on going back to the same issues they had before even if they already talk about it and agreed to never bring it up again anymore. You will never move forward in your relationship if you keep on going back to the past mistakes of your partner. There’s a reason why it’s called the past and you should just leave it that way. It’s better to focus your energy and time in improving the relationship for the future.

3. Commitment comes with love. Through your relationship, you will meet other people who you think  is better than your partner, but the moment you chose your special someone means you are already committed to him/her. Every single day, you will choose to love and cherish the same person  that you have in your life and that’s what commitment is all about. It’s about choosing the same person over and over again even if sometimes there are moments that you want to let go. You have to look past the imperfections and the mistakes and to choose to see what made you love him/her in the first place.

How about you? What are the relationship tips that you can share? You can comment below! 🙂



7 thoughts on “Love Tips from the Parents

  1. I’m glad to hear my post helped inspire you, this advise is great. It’s true about choosing to commit not just once at the alter but every day. You’re parents had it figured out but off course that’s what you can expect from a couple that’s been together for soo long 🙂 x


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