Nominated for a Liebster Award!


Yay! I’ve got my first ever award nomination! (dancing all around the house with hands in the air) I’ve been nominated by the wonderful Nasimir of The Blog for a…(drumroll please)..LIEBSTER AWARD! At first, I can’t believe what my eyes are telling me when I read the message. I have to rub my eyes for a second (or third) time to make sure that I am not only imagining things. LOL!

So, anyway, a Liebster Award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers and a little new to the blogging world. It aims to bring closer together a community of newbie bloggers, discover awesome blogs and also to promote your own blog in a small way.

If nominated, here are the rules that you have to follow:

You must provide a link back to the blog whose author nominated you

Answer the 11 questions provided to you by the person who nominated you

Provide 11 facts about yourself

Name 11 blogs that you want to nominate and ask them 11 questions

I’ll be doing a separate post for the 11 blogs that I will nominate (I’m having a hard time choosing!) and my questions for them (you must take these things very seriously, people! Their blogs depend on you! LOL!)

11 Facts About Me

  1. I am from the Philippines and I am the eldest among my siblings.
  2. My favorite color is PINK. I can’t say that all of my things are pink, because I have clothes, bags and shoes in different colors too. But once you open my bag, that’s where you can see all of my pink things.
  3. I spent my 15th birthday in a bus (a very uncomfortable, non-reclining seat of a bus) because me and my family were heading back home from the province of my mother and unfortunately, we got stranded because of a typhoon in the area at that time and we spent 2 days in the bus just waiting for the storm to pass. That would probably one of my most unforgettable birthday.
  4. When I was a teenager, I was a fan of Twilight.
  5. I’ve had asthma since I was 2 years old. It came from my father’s side.
  6. My zodiac sign is Taurus.
  7. I cannot swim even if my life depended on it.
  8. I am right-handed.
  9. My drawing skills are non-existent.
  10. I don’t drink coffee. Reasons: taste, after taste, heart palpitations (that exact same order)
  11. I last rode an airplane in December of the year 2000. That’s 14 years ago.

11 Questions for me by Nisamir

Who gave you your name and what is the meaning of your name?

  • My parents gave me my name from a Baby Book. Sylvia means ‘forest maiden’. It is also of Latin origin and it is the name of an ancient nature goddess and the mother of the famous twin founders of Rome, Remus and Romulus.

What do you think about home schooling?

  • I think some parents prefer home schooling for a whole lot of reasons (e.g. customized learning, safety, peer pressure is not a problem, etc.) and I think it is their prerogative on how they want their children to learn but there are also some fun things that you can learn in a regular school (me being from a regular school). But as I said, it’s the parent’s prerogative.

If you could only choose one meal/dish to be served on your wedding day, what would it be?

  • Chocolate Cake!!! (who doesn’t love a good ol’ chocolate cake?) But I guess after the ceremony, all guests will be leaving with diabetes. LOL!

How do you see the world we are living in?

  • I can see that there are pros and cons in this world. For example, companies are aiming for more technological advancements in medicine, space, communication, etc. but at the same time, nature is also neglected by these same companies. I think the best way to live is to have a balance between these things because if we totally neglect nature, the effects will be very bad and if we stop researching for more useful technology then we can’t live a more comfortable life.

What are your tips to a beautiful and radiant skin?

  • Drink lots of water, sleep and always keep your face clean. I’m not very much fond of putting make-up so I guess that helps too. But, if you love it, just don’t go to sleep with make-up on your face. Also, eat lots of fruits and vegetables and always keep smiling! A radiant and beautiful face reflects what you’re feeling inside so always keep it positive and peaceful.

If you were given 10 million dollars (yes, USD), how would you spend it?

  • If I have 10 million dollars, a part would go to church and a few chosen charities first. Maybe, build a bigger house. Then travel, definitely. Our family may not have much material things but we love building memories together so I guess spending for travel is a good way to spend money.

Where would you build up your dream home and why?

  •  By the beach. I want to wake up to the sound of the waves and to feel the relaxing atmosphere that the place provides.

What super powers would you like to have?

  • I wish I can teleport to places so anytime I want to go to another country I could be there in an instant (it also saves you money for air fare! LOL!).

Which Disney princess would you like to be and why?

  • My favorite Disney princess is Belle of Beauty and the Beast and if I could I would be like her because she teaches children (and adults alike) to not judge the character of a person based on its physical appearance only. She also proves that once you truly love a person for who he/she is, you can look past their imperfections and flaws.

If you only have four months to live, what would you do?

  • Ride a rollercoaster. Meet with friends I haven’t seen for a long time. Try all the scary and exhilarating rides in an amusement park. Go to Europe. Bathe in the rain. Drive with no definite destination. See snow. Climb a mountain. Learn to swim. Go parasailing. (All activities are listed given that I have good health for the last 4 months. LOL!)

Out of the many country in the world, where would you like to live in and why?

  • No definite place but somewhere in Europe. I love how rich their history is. And their architecture, it’s just jaw dropping! I would like to see some really old buildings and cathedrals that stood the test of time and were properly preserved.



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