Things I learned during a Sale

I woke up early in the morning, ate breakfast, took a bath, changed into comfortable clothes and I’m good to go. I’m off to the mall with my whole family to take advantage of an ongoing sale to one of the country’s biggest mall chains. We set a time when we will leave so that we will arrive there just as the mall opened. We were at the mall for almost a whole day. Let me share to you the things that I learned while we were there.

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Be Early 

We arrived at the mall just 1 hour after it opened. We left the house with lots of time to spare but due to the ever-reliable traffic to be there just when you don’t need it most, it took longer travel time. Upon approaching the parking lot, we can already see a security guard holding a sign that says ‘FULL PARKING’ in big, bold letters. The thought that runs in my head during that time was “where to park? where to park? where to park?” over and over again. Good thing, my father was the one driving so he immediately drove us to the rooftop of the mall where there were a few slots left. If we took our time looking for available parking spaces on the other floors, we will certainly not be able to get out of our car.

It’s best to have company

If I’m not with my family yesterday, I don’t know if I’ll still go home sane. LOL! It’s a good thing if you have someone with you that not only provides you company but also look out for your things if you are busy choosing on-sale things. Also, you can ask for their honest opinion if you fit the dress that you want to buy. That situation happened to me and my family yesterday. Although, it has some disadvantages such as more chairs to get when getting your lunch (restaurants are also full!) but then it will be a less sucky experience if you’re not alone.

Have a lot of patience with you

When we arrived at the mall, I have to part with my family first to bring my laptop to a Service Center (there goes my baby!) outside the mall. After doing my business, I immediately went back. As I was finding my way to my family inside the department store, there is an elderly woman in front of me. She suddenly stopped walking forward, turned back and shouted to her granddaughter. She said in the loudest voice she can muster “What!? Are you not going to buy anything!? Don’t play games with me! I’m losing my patience with you!” She said it in Tagalog (our main dialect) but I translated it so you can understand it. All of the people near the area, including the ones in line in the cashier, turned their heads and just stared at the grandmother and her granddaughter was shocked as I was. So, to avoid these kinds of scenario, just prepare yourself for the worst and be a little bit more understanding with people, after all, you are there for the same reason.

You can find gold everywhere

Not literally, no. What I’m trying to say here is an application of the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. With so many available items on sale in the mall, you may be overwhelmed with it a bit. But not every person is the same, so maybe another person doesn’t like the color of a certain blouse but it is your favorite color so you get to buy it. Even though you arrived a little late and you thought that all of the good items are already bought, don’t worry because you can always find something that you like (just be early next time for more choices!). It is also a good time to buy things that you’re saving up for. Grab that opportunity!

Make a list

This is already a common tip even if you are only going to a grocery store. My mother made a list of the things that we need to buy the night before. I think it is the most practical way to save time when going on a sale. The moment you enter the mall, you already know where to go and what section of the mall you should be in. Also, it’s best to put the same things that you can buy in one section in your list so as to avoid going back to the place that you’ve been before. If you have company, like in my place my family, what we did is while me and my sister are trying on clothes for her graduation day, our parents are at the appliance section looking for a grill. It is a good thing to divide the list and go in your own way to save time and cover all the needed things you have to purchase.


We got out of the mall early evening and we still have to go to the airport to fetch my grandmother. When we got home, we are all so tired that we already went to bed but it’s definitely one of those fulfilling days because we were able to buy the things that we needed and with less time and less money spent. 🙂



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