Fly till you reach the Sky

Do you want to fly?

Peter Pan said to be able to fly you have to think of happy thoughts, but for me, flying itself is a happy thought.

If I could go back to a certain place on a certain time, I would choose the one where I was in an airplane. It’s been many years since it happened, but I still feel the  excitement that went through me for my first time. I remember sitting beside my sister in a window seat.

It’s an early morning flight so we were able to catch the sunrise. Big fluffy clouds cover the sky with rays of sunlight peeking through it. For my childhood self, it seemed magical to know that you are above  those white clouds that you only look up to and wish to touch when you’re on the ground.

There’s something calming in looking out the window and see only large chunks of clouds and feeling the warmth of the rising sun on your face. Once in a while, you can see the deep blue color of the ocean and the little or big islands below. And you wonder, what are the people on the ground doing just as you ask yourself what are the people doing inside an airplane whenever you see one.

I believe during that moment that I can look out the window of an airplane forever because of the view. But like all journey, this too must come to an end, but it did not made me sad because I realized that really the journey is also as fascinating and memorable as the destination.


Blog entry in response to  Writing 101: Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)


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