I got all my sisters with me

There’s a special bond between us that can’t be broken

Sometimes, it’s good to reminisce memories from your childhood. And what better way to remember it than with the people who have been with you through it – my sisters.

We are close. Like really CLOSE.

We were all born only a year apart so I guess that’s a huge factor to our closeness because we are in the same wavelength and same thinking at the same time. We relate to each other almost every experience that we have. My sisters are my confidante, my listeners, my story tellers, my best friends and many more things all rolled into two different individuals.

On a side note, I will call my sisters “C” and “J” here because I don’t want to reveal their names.

She doesn’t really mind what other people say about her as long as she likes the way she lives

My second sister, C, is a dark-haired, petite girl who loves romantic pocketbooks so much. She’s also not interested in social media. I guess she just created her Facebook account because we are constantly bugging her about it. She doesn’t really mind what other people say about her as long as she likes the way she lives. Sometimes, I think she’ll do better as a first child than me. She has a very strong sense of responsibility and a huge heart. She has a very expressive face. You can easily tell if she’s happy, angry or worried. The thing I most like about her is that she’s very perceptive to the needs of other people and I love her for that.

She has this old soul inside of her that sees the world beyond what it really is

My youngest sister is J. A witty, skinny and tall girl. She’s my sister who has a way with words. She loves to write her thoughts and she makes good and meaningful poems. We have the same taste in books and I trust her to recommend me good books. She has this old soul inside of her that sees the world beyond what it is. She’s also a big collector of notebooks and book marks which I think explains her desire to write. She’s just the shy and silent type of person but once she warms up to you and you get to know her, you will feel that she’s one friend that you can trust.

I remember when I was 8 years old, I was admitted to the hospital because of an asthma attack. Being in the hospital for a whole week meant never having to see my sisters often. Sure, they would visit me after school for only 2 hours but that wasn’t enough for me. One night, I cried so hard that my mother asked me what’s wrong and I said it’s because I miss my them so much.

I can’t imagine my life without my sisters. There’s a special bond between us that can’t be broken. We always say we love each other and give each other hugs whenever we want to. I’m grateful that we grew up that way – not afraid to show each other our love. There were times that I imagine having an older brother or just a brother instead, but I guess I wouldn’t be who I am today if I don’t have my sisters with me. They keep my sanity whenever I needed it the most. It’s good to know that they’re always there for me as my support system. I love them very much and I wouldn’t want to change a single thing about it.


Blog entry in response to Writing 101: Day Six: A Character-Building Experience


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