Travel Diary: Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral and Tree Top Adventure


All good things must come to an end and I have come to the last of my blog posts about my vacation in Baguio City. I will share with you our last (but definitely not the least) day in the City of Pines. To kick off that morning, we attended mass in Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral a.k.a. the Baguio Cathedral. It’s beautiful inside with its stained glass windows and high ceilings. Too bad I wasn’t able to get interior pictures because there was an ongoing mass that time. If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you would know by now that I am in love with pink and this church is no exception because of its color.





After the mass and some photo-ops of the place outside, we immediately went to the last place that we like to visit in Baguio before we head back home. The place that I’m talking about? Tree Top Adventure!



My adrenaline-junkie sister wanted to experience the Tree Drop wherein you will step off a ledge and be dropped 60 feet down (ala Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible) in a matter of 2 seconds – without any harness! LOL! Just kidding! With harness on your body, of course or else that would be suicide. But the day we went there the drop is closed because of a Team Building activity. My sister is hugely disappointed but there are still activities that we can try. So we picked the less harmful to our body and to my heart (not that the activities are not safe). LOL!


Different activities that you can try in Tree Top Adventure



We did the Canopy Ride first wherein you will just sit in a hanging chair from a high platform and let it transfer you to one station to the next. It’s like a cable car – but instead in a chair with your feet dangling and because you’re so high, you can only see the top of the trees. Sounds easy, right? Maybe for you but not for me. As soon as we were launched from the first station, I started screaming AND crying. LOL! Yes, I cried my fears of height out. So, while my parents are on the ground waving at us and taking our pictures, I was sitting there, silently crying and trying not to look below my shaking feet.



Oh, did I mention that you will see a LOT of trees in Tree Top Adventure? No? Oh okay. 😀



The Canopy Ride has four stations that we need to pass through. In each station, we were instructed to transfer to another set of chairs to the next station. During our ride to the third post, my youngest sister (not the adrenaline-junkie one) decided to turn on the music on her phone to at least lessen my fear (Thanks, sis!). So, for the whole duration of the ride up to the last station, we are singing Icona Pop’s “We Can Do This All Night” – at the top of our lungs! There’s something enjoyable about singing your hearts out but no one can hear you because you are hanging several feet from the ground. I must say that it eventually slowed my racing heart and steadied my shaking hands. I finally had the time to fully enjoy my surroundings and breathe the fresh air that the trees provided. Now, whenever I hear that particular song, it transports me to the time when I’m riding the Canopy Ride.



Our second and last ride was the Funicular which was like an escalator going up and down but instead of standing up, we were sitting down. It’s a relaxing ride that took up a few minutes. After that, we trekked back to the first station so that we can get our things from our hotel and go back to our monotonous, boring lives in the city. LOL!






Aaaand that wraps up our Baguio escapade. Up until now, I still miss the feel of chilly air in my skin and the beautiful flowers that you can see in almost every corner of the city. Thanks for letting me share and reminisce my first-time experiences with you, guys. Hope you enjoy the stories behind the pictures as I enjoyed experiencing them. 🙂



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