Thoughts on a Dark Night

So, last night we experienced a power blackout. It lasted for more than an hour. I believe it’s because of the thinning electricity supply in our country that we have to endure these rotating brownouts. With no internet and TV to keep me entertained and busy, I went to bed early. While I’m lying in bed surrounded by darkness and waiting for the sleep bug to bite me, my mind wandered to places and I have these certain realizations.

There’s still light amidst the dark

This thought donned on me while I am staring at a candle that we lit and placed on the floor. The whole house was dark but there is still that one tiny candle to give off the right amount of light. It flickers in the dark like hope flickers in our hearts when the world seems like this big, scary place. I think it also serves as a symbol that however rough the roads are ahead before you reach your destination, there’s still that silver lining to look forward to.


Sometimes we just need to be quiet with our own thoughts

When the lights went off, it suddenly seems like the world stopped revolving. I cannot hear the familiar sound of the refrigerator, the TV and my own laptop. It’s like your security blanket has been stripped off of you because you are no longer connected to the things you’re familiar with. Relating it to our world today, it seems like life is all about being connected to social media and the internet. I realized it is also good to be unplugged sometimes so that you will have this time to evaluate yourself and your thoughts.

It’s good to sleep early

Admit it, I’m not the only one that’s a late sleeper here. LOL! I always convince myself to practice a better sleeping habit but I always end up sleeping in the same time which is super late or should I say, super early in the morning. I know that it is very important to have your sleep in proper time but with all this technology around me, I can’t help but tire myself of just surfing the net till the wee hours of morning. I miss sleeping early and waking up feeling very energized the morning after.

Take a moment to listen to the sounds around you

Last night, I can hear the sounds that I don’t usually hear often. I heard the dogs barking outside, crickets chirping, and thunder rumbling in the distance. These are the sounds that I have taken for granted every night when we have electricity. When the dark surrounds you, you become aware of other things that sometimes mean little to you. You appreciate little things that you only notice only now. You start to wonder why you stop listening to nature’s sounds yet continue to hear from artificial sounds such as your TV and computer.

You can also see fascinating things in the dark

As I was staring in the ceiling last night, I saw a firefly. A FIREFLY! I haven’t seen one since I was a child. My smile immediately spread out my face while I saw Mr. Firefly shining its light for me. I remembered that the last time I hold one was a long time ago. We used to catch them and hold them for a little while and free them. I also thought that there are no fireflies in our place anymore because I haven’t seen one for years but there still are and they’re just waiting for the right moment to display their flashing butts. LOL!

I guess darkness and silence isn’t so bad especially if you use it to meditate on things that you are forgetting and taking for granted. I learned that once in a while we must disconnect to our own little bubble of technology and see the world as it is.

What are your latest thoughts on life? Share it to me!



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