Weather in my Mind

It’s raining cats and dogs outside. The wind is a bit chilly. Now that summer is over in our country, we’re already having these storms that visit us during the rainy season. I love rain but I love the sun, too. I love HUGE gray clouds but I love the early morning heat. But mostly I just love the gray skies because it is neither too hot nor too cold.


I can’t help but think of my country’s weather as a person that feels different kinds of emotions. When it is too hot, I feel like it is showing the world its brave face. I keep imagining that its saying “I am strong, this is how I live my life everyday”. It’s like it’s putting up a strong personality for all the world to see and that’s what people do most of the time. But when its raining, I can almost hear it saying “I’m not strong every minute of the day, I have my weak moments, so I cry to lighten up the burden that I gathered when I just let the world see my strong/brave face”. Does that make sense?

I don’t know why I’m talking about the weather here. Actually, there are just two seasons here in the Philippines and that’s the hot and rainy season. When I say hot, it’s really hot and during those times, I can only wish that I live in a much colder country. But when the rainy season comes, it’s all about floods, winds and storms. Our weather here means serious business! LOL! They do their jobs with real dedication! Alright I’m babbling/thinking/typing non-sense stuff and you’ve probably just left my page because of boredom.

Back to the weather, I’m thankful for the rain now because we are experiencing summer heat these past 2 days even though it’s officially declared that were experiencing rainy season now (confused? yeah, me too). I bet it would be awesome to live in another place that has Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I would love to experience snow!

Okay, so I better finish this post now because another minute writing means I will go to another non-sense topic and type some more and that will be endless. Ciao!


Blog entry in response to Writing 101: Day One: Unlock the Mind


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