Don Henrico’s – Pizza, Pasta and More

One of the things that I love doing is eating. No surprise there. Who doesn’t love to eat, right? Unless you’re that lame, boring kind of person who only thinks about diet all the time and therefore starving him/herself to death (if so, we can’t be friends! Just kidding!). Honestly, there were several phases in my life when I tried dieting but no can do because I love food as much as I love breathing. LOL! Okay, enough about my bitterness toward food-haters (if that’s a word) and onto these delicious foods that I’m going to share with you.

A few months back, my family and I tried a resto which serves pasta and pizza and other yummy dishes. The place is called Don Henrico’s which is a casual Italian place here in the country. I’ve already heard of this resto before but doesn’t get the chance to eat here yet. So, it’s our first time and it’s pretty exciting to get to try a new place, right?


We ate at their SM Baguio branch and it was early evening. People were starting to fill up the seats so we were fortunate to be there early. We ordered different dishes and shared each other’s food. Because in a family, sharing is caring! Especially when it comes to good ol’ food! LOL! The first thing I noticed when our orders arrived were their large servings. Let me tell you, those plates were NOT small and the food almost spilled from the sides.



We had Caesar Salad (P148) – and Carribean Greens (P180)


This dish is called Combo 1 (P148) – consists of chicken schnitzel, french fries, hawaiian delight pizza and spaghetti


Combo 2 (P165) – with chicken ala buffalo, hawaiian delight pizza and french fries


Salisbury Steak with Salad and Rice (P130)


Captain Crunch Fried Chicken with Salad and Rice (P140)


Dip n’ Nachos (P180)


Oh, look! That’s Don Henrico! 🙂




The space has a homey ambiance especially evident on these kitchen utensils and native containers lining the walls on display.

So, after consuming all of that food, we were so full that we just wanted to lay in bed and pat our huge stomachs. LOL! We enjoyed our eating experience there and would recommend it to anyone who is craving for a good Italian meal with reasonable price and good atmosphere. As Don Henrico’s slogan go – Pizza, Pasta and More… I believe it is the “more” that makes you want to go back and dine again.

Don Henrico’s Branches:

Alabang, Ayala Center Cebu, Festival Supermall, Glorietta 1, Greenhills Shopping Center, Malate, Session Road, SM City Baguio, SM Mall of Asia, Sta. Lucia East Grand Mall, Tomas Morato, West Avenue



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