Oh, look! I got 2 additional eyes!

Last month, I finally had the courage to get myself spectacles. I find it more difficult to see smaller and farther things for the past few months already. At first, I was in denial that I needed eyeglasses. One of the reasons was because most of my family are wearing glasses and I know from their experience that it’s NOT a good thing. “Nothing beats a clear vision”, they say. They had their own regrets of not taking enough good care of their eyes. So, when I started not seeing the volume on the TV and not being able to tell the time without standing up from the couch to the wall and squint my eyes so that I can see, I panicked a little. That’s because I had my whole life eyesight planned out (as if you can plan something like that! LOL!). In my mind, I promised myself to be like my father because he only got glasses in his late 40’s and it’s because of his age (our eyes become weaker by this time) which is a normal (I think) occurrence in a person’s life.


My new glasses 🙂

Obviously, because I’m in denial, the first thing I did was to completely ignore my eyes’ pleas to have glasses. So I IGNORE it, IGNORE again and IGNORE some more to my heart’s content. But then, you already know what happens next, right? It got worse, you see (no pun intended). So I have no choice but to go to an optometrist and had my eyes checked. The first time I wore the glasses, I got a little bit dizzy and had a mild headache but after a few hours, I think my eyes already adjusted so all is well. I can see things clearly that I haven’t been able to see before.


GIF Credit: Gurl of Tumblr

While pondering about this experience, I had this thought about life that sometimes, if you feel like the world in front of you is a little bit unclear, blurry and unrecognizable due to something obstructing your vision, sometimes, all it will take is to step back and view the world with a different set of eyes (figuratively, not literally LOL!) and everything would be a clearer version of itself.

Now, if I could only be as adorable as Taylor Swift in glasses, I would be so happy. 🙂


GIF Credit: Totally Taylor GIFs of Tumblr


GIF Credit: Totally Taylor GIFs of Tumblr



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