On fainting in a train station and being grateful for it

I believe a perfect life is a boring life. One must have a few embarrassing moments here and there to laugh about sometimes to escape the stress and insanity that we are facing everyday. But then, I know that all of us have moments that made us pray so hard for the ground to open up and swallow us whole so that we will not be obliged to face the day after. I had many of those moments, but I guess the best ones are the ones you will always remember even years after.

This will be a lengthy post. I suggest you grab your popcorn and read on!

One fateful afternoon during my first year of college, me and my classmate/friend had to go to an electronics shop to buy supplies for our subject that day. The shop was a little far from the university and we had to take the LRT so that we don’t spend too much time traveling.

While going there, I already had this pounding headache because I did skip my breakfast that morning as I was running late for school. Let me tell you that I don’t usually skip my breakfast, I can count on my fingers the times that I had because I know it’s the most important meal of the day.

So, upon arriving at our destination, I can already feel my knees slightly turning into jelly and I was sweating cold beads of sweat. That time, I can only remember telling myself in my head “Just do this one task for school and after this you can eat and feel much better”. Little did I know that I was officially the color of a ghost at that time. My friend was worried about me, so we rushed into buying all of the things that we needed.

Once we were finished, we headed for the LRT station again to return to school. By this time, I knew my eyes were wide open but I started seeing black on the edges of my vision. I can’t focus on anything, even the sounds and the things surrounding me. It’s like my body was so heavy all of a sudden. I know that I am starting to faint (Thank God I didn’t actually lose consciousness). I hugged my friend but because I caught her off guard, we both sunk to the floor. She said she have to buy me food immediately so I let her go.

So, there I was sitting on the LRT station floor, pale-faced, hands sweating and unconscious of the people passing by. Suddenly, out of nowhere, people started to notice me. They approached me and asked me if I was okay (maybe, I really look like cr*p at that time). I can’t forget the middle-aged man who gave me a bottled water saying “Don’t worry, it’s clean”. Some tried to help me stand up and volunteered to bring me to the clinic. Some passengers stopped walking and checked out the commotion that’s happening which, unfortunately, I’m in the middle of.

My friend returned a few minutes after with a donut and water in her hands. She was a bit surprised because 10 or more people were surrounding me and trying to assist me. If I was feeling a bit better at that time, I would probably be as red as a tomato because of embarrassment. Never in my whole life I have imagined to be the center of attention that way. A security guard also arrived and directed us to the clinic. The doctor didn’t find anything wrong with me, it’s just that I have an empty stomach (plus stress too, if I might add – because COLLEGE). He let me eat in the clinic and told me not to skip meals anymore.

It was truly a memorable day for me. There are some days when I want to forget that this happened once in my life. But by writing about it now, I can’t do that anymore. I don’t want to forget that day even though it definitely is an embarrassing one. I don’t want to forget the kindness that people have shown me in my weakest state. I know many people there are also running late and busy with their lives, but they took a few minutes out of their day to help me get back to my feet (figuratively and literally) and for that I am very grateful.


Blog post inspired by The Daily Post: In Transit


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