Don Henrico’s – Pizza, Pasta and More

One of the things that I love doing is eating. No surprise there. Who doesn’t love to eat, right? Unless you’re that lame, boring kind of person who only thinks about diet all the time and therefore starving him/herself to death (if so, we can’t be friends! Just kidding!). Honestly, there were several phases in my life when I tried dieting but no can do because I love food as much as I love breathing. LOL! Okay, enough about my bitterness toward food-haters (if that’s a word) and onto these delicious foods that I’m going to share with you.

A few months back, my family and I tried a resto which serves pasta and pizza and other yummy dishes. The place is called Don Henrico’s which is a casual Italian place here in the country. I’ve already heard of this resto before but doesn’t get the chance to eat here yet. So, it’s our first time and it’s pretty exciting to get to try a new place, right?


We ate at their SM Baguio branch and it was early evening. People were starting to fill up the seats so we were fortunate to be there early. We ordered different dishes and shared each other’s food. Because in a family, sharing is caring! Especially when it comes to good ol’ food! LOL! The first thing I noticed when our orders arrived were their large servings. Let me tell you, those plates were NOT small and the food almost spilled from the sides.



We had Caesar Salad (P148) – and Carribean Greens (P180)


This dish is called Combo 1 (P148) – consists of chicken schnitzel, french fries, hawaiian delight pizza and spaghetti

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Love Desserts

When my college bestie invited me for a snack, my first question is “Where?”. She then started to tell me about this hole-in-the-wall place in Quezon City called Love Desserts that offers unlimited desserts for a cheap price of only Php199. She also encouraged me to read the reviews about the place because they are all good. Intrigued by this place, I immediately agreed that we have to try this place and scheduled it for the weekend.


From MRT Quezon Ave Station, we rode a jeepney to Welcome Rotunda then took a taxi from there so that we could be dropped off to Love Desserts directly. We arrived at 3:30pm just in time for a snack, but was disappointed at first because we were asked to wait for another hour to be seated because the place is crowded with customers and many people are still waiting outside (I think that’s proof of how good this place is).

After 1 hour, we are given our table and they put a paper in our table that indicates the time we started and the time that we should be finished. They are strictly implementing their 2-hour rule because of their many customers (some are still waiting outside).


This is the long table where majority of their desserts are. I am so overwhelmed just by looking at all the desserts on display. Me upon seeing the table: Attack!!!!! LOL!


You can choose from their different cake flavors and other pastries.



There’s also crepe available. You just have to ask the attendant for your preferred filling and they will deliver it to your table.

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