in Time of your weakness, i see power

in your sadness, i see youR smile

in the wake of yoUr absence, i see your presence

in your silencE, i hear the truth


in time of Your insecurity, it shows your beauty

if you show your fierceness, i see gentleness

in your curiOsity, i see pure intelligence

in your utter blindness, i see yoU


If I could buy Love

if i Could buy love

i’d buy it in pair

like slippers that’s Always go together


if i could buy love

i’d buy it in seveN

like snow whiTe’s dwarves in their own heaven


if i could Buy love

i’d bUy it in dozen

like months in a Year the sun constantly wakens


if i could buy love

i’d buy iT in hundreds

like Reasons in my head why you’re the one i wanted


if i coUld buy love

i’d buy it in thousands

likE canaries singing from various islands


if i could buy love

i’d buy it in milLions

like stars in the sky illuminating our visiOn


if i could buy loVe

i will not buy it at all

for love is as pricelEss as can be

i’ll catch you if you’re willing to fall


got a ribboN in my pocket

kept it hidden for life

a bright crimson is the cOlor

for the one who’ll call me wife


staring aT the skyline, waiting

knowing you can’t be far

anticipating when you’ll coMe

Erasing a past love’s scar


at last i see your sincere smile

in the wArm sun it blends

i hand you the crimson ribbon

hold on to us from both ends


love is the old laNguage we speak

over time it’s pure bliss

seasons have changed yet we remain

the ribbon is sTill in place


rough roads ahead have come our way

we fought to stay upright

forever’s a word in my head

ending the Tunnel with light


guessing i spoke much too soon

when things fall apart then

feeling like ceramic statues

cannOt be glued back again


we tried hard together i knew

and Both our hearts have died

you left me on the ground in tears

cutting the ribbon from your sidE

Happy Endings

I’ve been thinking about happy endings
It does not happen only in weddings
Now that my existence is like a sun shining
Fear of the unknown and what tomorrow might bring
Dreams and goals are my inspiration
Hard work and persistence are a good combination
The world we are living in is beyond comprehension
Live life to the fullest and chase your ambition
Reflecting at the lives of the elderly
Wondering if they lived enough beautifully
Asking myself of what I’m doing currently
Am I braving life or doing it submissively?
When the journey of life has come for judging
I hope to live a life so fulfilling
That I don’t have any regrets when leaving
I’ve been thinking a lot about happy endings