Struggles with Spectacles

It’s been a while since I last published an article for my Fab Five list (formerly known as 5 things). Today, I decided to talk about something that is very close to my heart (or eyes if I’m being specific). Remember last month when I talk about my journey to wearing glasses? Well, I’m going to have a follow-up of that article. You see, I’m wearing spectacles for 2 months now. I know that’s a pretty much short period of time, but I already learned a lot about the struggles of people with glasses. I understand that there are much more you can think of right now, but this is my top 5 struggles and these are the things that I experienced personally.

1. My glasses keeps on falling down on my nose

You know, for people who are not THAT gifted in the nose department (which I’m a proud member of) this is a real struggle, I’m telling ya. Just an itty bitty change in the angle my head is balanced, the glasses will fall and becomes misaligned with my eyes. Sometimes, I’m thinking of investing in a robot whose only function is to “PUT BACK IVY’S GLASSES ALIGNED WITH HER EYES”. LOL!

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2. The glasses fogs up whenever I drink something hot

I’m sure I’m not the only one who experiences this, but why the heck did someone NOT tell me about this before?! LOL! I almost had a panic attack when I put my face over a hot bowl of soup (I’m smelling it, okay?) and the fog just devoured my glasses! WOAH! Zero Visibility Alert! I was ready to push any emergency button we had at that time. LOL! But seriously, it freaked me out a little bit. Also, I’m a very sweaty person (especially in my face’s T-zone) in the middle of this very hot country so it happens to me all the time now, and I must tell you I’m not very happy about it.

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3.  Friends were doubtful if your glasses were real or you’re just trying to achieve the “nerdy” look

Just 3 weeks ago, I went out with my group of friends from college and every single one of them asked me if what I’m wearing is a prescription glasses. Some even tried my glasses on. Maybe they had this doubt that my glasses were only a part of my outfit for that day. Actually, that’s the first time that they saw me with something in my eyes so I bet they were actually surprised. I’m guessing that this will be the exact same situation when my other friends see me.

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4. Trying to lie down with your eyeglasses on

This has only become my problem because I love reading in bed or lie down while watching TV. Sometimes, I had to adjust my position based on my glasses’ liking and needs. LOL! If not, I’ll suffer a mini heart attack when I feel it might snap in two, therefore, leaving me with no other glasses to use.

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5. You do not look like yourself without your spectacles

It’s a good morning. You just woke up from your deep slumber when you pass by your mirror hanging on the wall and then you suddenly broke out into singing Disney’s Mulan song “Whoooo is that giiiiiirl I seeeee? Staring straight back at me. Why is my reflection someone I don’t knowwww?” LOL! Even though I’m only wearing mine for 2 months, I can barely recognize my face without my glasses. I’m thinking of it as a certain sort of a shield (from where, I really don’t know). It’s like my face is so bare without it now and to think that I lived 23 years of my life before wearing one. Weird, right?

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There you go guys, these are my top 5 struggles. I guess I just have to accept that eyeglasses are part of my life now and try to live harmoniously with it. LOL! Maybe, one of these days I’ll try to wear contacts but it’s better to take it one step at a time. If you’re wearing one, what other problems can you add to this list? Make sure to share it on the comments! 🙂

GIF Credit: the gif princess of Tumblr

GIF Credit: the gif princess of Tumblr



Today, I am Me

You saw me the first time and from then decided you don’t want me. Just one look and you have nothing to do with me. Not in your life, not in your mind. Not now, not ever. You already resolved in your head that I do not belong. That I did not pass your standards. You saw me as an ugly person not worth your while. But why is it every time you see me, on the streets, on whatever place it is, you make me feel less of a person?


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It gives you satisfaction to hurt me. Hurt me physically and emotionally. Even though I’m not a part of your life and you’re not a part of mine, it still hurts the same way as if we’ve known each other all along. You will not stop even if I tell you to. You will only stop in your own time. Not until you have my blood in your hands. Not until you made me feel inferior and afraid. Not until you have my face kissing the ground. You want this. I know you do. That surge of power going through your veins once I’m already begging. It’s an endless cycle. You see me. You hurt me. I fall down. I beg you. Every. Single. Time. But NOT TODAY.

Today, I will think of myself as worthy.

Today, I will pick myself up from the ground and regain my balance. Today, I will clench my fist until I feel that same amount of power that you have every time I fall. Today, I will think of myself as worthy. Worthy to be your opponent. Worthy to be your equal. Worthy of your respect. I don’t want to live this kind of life anymore. I want to be strong for myself. I deserve it. I owe it to the people I love and cares for me.

Today, you will not treat me less of a person because you don’t like me. I will let you know it, in my own way. Different from who you are. Different from what you are. I will not be like your rotten personality. I will stand tall and proud because I am my own person. You will not bring me down with your wicked ways starting today. I will be the person that I want to be and meant to be. Not worrying about you. Not conforming to your standards or any standards for that matter. Today, I am Me.

Oh, look! I got 2 additional eyes!

Last month, I finally had the courage to get myself spectacles. I find it more difficult to see smaller and farther things for the past few months already. At first, I was in denial that I needed eyeglasses. One of the reasons was because most of my family are wearing glasses and I know from their experience that it’s NOT a good thing. “Nothing beats a clear vision”, they say. They had their own regrets of not taking enough good care of their eyes. So, when I started not seeing the volume on the TV and not being able to tell the time without standing up from the couch to the wall and squint my eyes so that I can see, I panicked a little. That’s because I had my whole life eyesight planned out (as if you can plan something like that! LOL!). In my mind, I promised myself to be like my father because he only got glasses in his late 40’s and it’s because of his age (our eyes become weaker by this time) which is a normal (I think) occurrence in a person’s life.


My new glasses 🙂

Obviously, because I’m in denial, the first thing I did was to completely ignore my eyes’ pleas to have glasses. So I IGNORE it, IGNORE again and IGNORE some more to my heart’s content. But then, you already know what happens next, right? It got worse, you see (no pun intended). So I have no choice but to go to an optometrist and had my eyes checked. The first time I wore the glasses, I got a little bit dizzy and had a mild headache but after a few hours, I think my eyes already adjusted so all is well. I can see things clearly that I haven’t been able to see before.


GIF Credit: Gurl of Tumblr

While pondering about this experience, I had this thought about life that sometimes, if you feel like the world in front of you is a little bit unclear, blurry and unrecognizable due to something obstructing your vision, sometimes, all it will take is to step back and view the world with a different set of eyes (figuratively, not literally LOL!) and everything would be a clearer version of itself.

Now, if I could only be as adorable as Taylor Swift in glasses, I would be so happy. 🙂


GIF Credit: Totally Taylor GIFs of Tumblr


GIF Credit: Totally Taylor GIFs of Tumblr


Weather in my Mind

It’s raining cats and dogs outside. The wind is a bit chilly. Now that summer is over in our country, we’re already having these storms that visit us during the rainy season. I love rain but I love the sun, too. I love HUGE gray clouds but I love the early morning heat. But mostly I just love the gray skies because it is neither too hot nor too cold.


I can’t help but think of my country’s weather as a person that feels different kinds of emotions. When it is too hot, I feel like it is showing the world its brave face. I keep imagining that its saying “I am strong, this is how I live my life everyday”. It’s like it’s putting up a strong personality for all the world to see and that’s what people do most of the time. But when its raining, I can almost hear it saying “I’m not strong every minute of the day, I have my weak moments, so I cry to lighten up the burden that I gathered when I just let the world see my strong/brave face”. Does that make sense?

I don’t know why I’m talking about the weather here. Actually, there are just two seasons here in the Philippines and that’s the hot and rainy season. When I say hot, it’s really hot and during those times, I can only wish that I live in a much colder country. But when the rainy season comes, it’s all about floods, winds and storms. Our weather here means serious business! LOL! They do their jobs with real dedication! Alright I’m babbling/thinking/typing non-sense stuff and you’ve probably just left my page because of boredom.

Back to the weather, I’m thankful for the rain now because we are experiencing summer heat these past 2 days even though it’s officially declared that were experiencing rainy season now (confused? yeah, me too). I bet it would be awesome to live in another place that has Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. I would love to experience snow!

Okay, so I better finish this post now because another minute writing means I will go to another non-sense topic and type some more and that will be endless. Ciao!


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Thoughts on a Dark Night

So, last night we experienced a power blackout. It lasted for more than an hour. I believe it’s because of the thinning electricity supply in our country that we have to endure these rotating brownouts. With no internet and TV to keep me entertained and busy, I went to bed early. While I’m lying in bed surrounded by darkness and waiting for the sleep bug to bite me, my mind wandered to places and I have these certain realizations.

There’s still light amidst the dark

This thought donned on me while I am staring at a candle that we lit and placed on the floor. The whole house was dark but there is still that one tiny candle to give off the right amount of light. It flickers in the dark like hope flickers in our hearts when the world seems like this big, scary place. I think it also serves as a symbol that however rough the roads are ahead before you reach your destination, there’s still that silver lining to look forward to.


Sometimes we just need to be quiet with our own thoughts

When the lights went off, it suddenly seems like the world stopped revolving. I cannot hear the familiar sound of the refrigerator, the TV and my own laptop. It’s like your security blanket has been stripped off of you because you are no longer connected to the things you’re familiar with. Relating it to our world today, it seems like life is all about being connected to social media and the internet. I realized it is also good to be unplugged sometimes so that you will have this time to evaluate yourself and your thoughts.

It’s good to sleep early

Admit it, I’m not the only one that’s a late sleeper here. LOL! I always convince myself to practice a better sleeping habit but I always end up sleeping in the same time which is super late or should I say, super early in the morning. I know that it is very important to have your sleep in proper time but with all this technology around me, I can’t help but tire myself of just surfing the net till the wee hours of morning. I miss sleeping early and waking up feeling very energized the morning after.

Take a moment to listen to the sounds around you

Last night, I can hear the sounds that I don’t usually hear often. I heard the dogs barking outside, crickets chirping, and thunder rumbling in the distance. These are the sounds that I have taken for granted every night when we have electricity. When the dark surrounds you, you become aware of other things that sometimes mean little to you. You appreciate little things that you only notice only now. You start to wonder why you stop listening to nature’s sounds yet continue to hear from artificial sounds such as your TV and computer.

You can also see fascinating things in the dark

As I was staring in the ceiling last night, I saw a firefly. A FIREFLY! I haven’t seen one since I was a child. My smile immediately spread out my face while I saw Mr. Firefly shining its light for me. I remembered that the last time I hold one was a long time ago. We used to catch them and hold them for a little while and free them. I also thought that there are no fireflies in our place anymore because I haven’t seen one for years but there still are and they’re just waiting for the right moment to display their flashing butts. LOL!

I guess darkness and silence isn’t so bad especially if you use it to meditate on things that you are forgetting and taking for granted. I learned that once in a while we must disconnect to our own little bubble of technology and see the world as it is.

What are your latest thoughts on life? Share it to me!


Missing in Action

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”

Or it can make you forget.

Hello my dear readers and friends! I’m back again in this intimidating yet beautiful world of blogging! I can only wish that you did not forget about me and my blog.

Maybe you are wondering where did I go and what did I do to neglect my blog just like that! I apologize for that my dear readers. It’s just that this past month, there are many things happening in my life that I can’t keep track of. My laptop gave up on me (that’s the first major obstacle on why I wasn’t able to blog for a long time), my sister graduated from college, I celebrated my 23rd birthday (yay!), took a much needed vacation with my family and a lot more things.

I’ll be catching up on my blog posts and maybe do the new Writing Challenge that I’m missing out.

I miss writing posts, I miss reading blogs that I follow, and mostly, I miss my readers and friends in the blogosphere. 🙂