Travel Diary: Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral and Tree Top Adventure


All good things must come to an end and I have come to the last of my blog posts about my vacation in Baguio City. I will share with you our last (but definitely not the least) day in the City of Pines. To kick off that morning, we attended mass in Our Lady of the Atonement Cathedral a.k.a. the Baguio Cathedral. It’s beautiful inside with its stained glass windows and high ceilings. Too bad I wasn’t able to get interior pictures because there was an ongoing mass that time. If you are a regular visitor of my blog, you would know by now that I am in love with pink and this church is no exception because of its color.





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Travel Diary: More of Baguio City

My Baguio adventure continues! Following my previous post about our vacation, we went to Mines View Park which overlooks the mining town of Itogon (hence the name) and have a magnificent view of the clear blue sky and mountain range in the distance. You don’t believe me? Let the pictures speak for itself.



Who wouldn’t fall in love with this kind of view? Just by looking at this picture, I can easily remember the feeling of calmness and awe that I experienced when we were there.


Nice carving details of a tree we spotted on our way to the park (can you see the chicken?)


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Travel Diary: Burnham Park


We woke up to a clear sky the next morning in Baguio. It’s sunny but not hot. It’s windy but not too much. We started our day early because we have many places we want to visit that day. Better to not waste time! First destination is the Burnham Park which is already in front of our hotel. We just have to cross the street and Voila! It’s Burnham Park right there!





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Travel Diary: Lourdes Grotto and SM Baguio


Last month, our family decided to take a 3-day vacation to escape the scorching heat of the city (it’s your fault, Summer!) and there’s no better place to go to than the Summer Capital of the Philippines –  Baguio City! It is in a province north of the country and because of its high altitude, you can expect a breezier and colder weather. This was not our first time going there, in fact, we’ve been there last 1995 (time flies sooo fast! it’s been 19 years already!)

We left our house at 5 in the morning and my father was the one driving. It is a 6-hour drive from where we live. I don’t remember much from our last visit there but I know for sure that the roads going there are better now.


One of my favorite things to do while in a road trip is to look at the beautiful scenery that we were passing by. You don’t usually see these kinds of landscapes when you’re living in the city.



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