Haiku #1: On Leaving

Teardrops fall slowly

His eyes are speaking to me

I can’t say no now



got a ribboN in my pocket

kept it hidden for life

a bright crimson is the cOlor

for the one who’ll call me wife


staring aT the skyline, waiting

knowing you can’t be far

anticipating when you’ll coMe

Erasing a past love’s scar


at last i see your sincere smile

in the wArm sun it blends

i hand you the crimson ribbon

hold on to us from both ends


love is the old laNguage we speak

over time it’s pure bliss

seasons have changed yet we remain

the ribbon is sTill in place


rough roads ahead have come our way

we fought to stay upright

forever’s a word in my head

ending the Tunnel with light


guessing i spoke much too soon

when things fall apart then

feeling like ceramic statues

cannOt be glued back again


we tried hard together i knew

and Both our hearts have died

you left me on the ground in tears

cutting the ribbon from your sidE